Thursday, 24 July 2014

S u m m e r

1st day of the Summer hol's for Sophia was in the park in a thunderstorm...We did get very wet in our Summer clothes~ We waved off Gramps at the station...lovely to spend quality time with loved ones.

My Summer's a busy work one, So I will not be getting away anywhere.  But Myself and Sophs hope to get a few weekends by the seaside.

A home with flowers cheers me...

A home with Sophia in it cheers me more...

Enjoy the hol's my Lovelies, 

See you all very soon,

x   K a z z y   x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

j o y s

~ joys of summer ~

Heavenly light...


wild flowers,

I love my local market and they always have lots of lovely bunches of Devon posy's to buy.
Three lovely colourful bunches £3.

A beautiful butterfly was fluttering around me while i waited in the park before Sophia's school bell rang for home time...I noticed it had quite some damage to its wing~ but it seemed perfectly ok to fly.

I love my bright and cheery kitchen in summer time...

x   K a z z y   x

Sunday, 29 June 2014

s a t u r d a y

A rather wet Saturday...though a few sunny spells.
The nature plot in the City looked buzzing with life and wild flowers in full bloom.

I met my Twinny for a slice of coffee and walnut cakey and tea in friends new business adventure called Rumpuscosy which you can find on facebook page if you click the link.

All in all a rather lovely saturday...

x Kazzy x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

r a n d o m

A bit of a random posty...but wanted to share the posy of flowers and a lovely vintage Molly Brett childrens book I picked up in a charity book shop for 50p!!!!...oh' how I love the illustrations.

soooo colourful and inspiring.

Sophia made me a lovely 'sea sidey' necklace with the beads we brought from the bead merchant...
I love white beads, buttons and shells on necklaces~ perfect combination!. And the metal decorative scissors were 80p each....they are just adorable. So myself and Sophia had a fun afternoon making things.

love these flowers... Could anyone tell me what they are? i'd love to grow them in pots for my court yard space. I wondered if they were a type of Cosmos??, but i'm rubbish at identifying flowers!!!!.

x K a z z y x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

c o u n t r y & h o m e

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Simple pleasures~ lovely walks, paddling feeties, skimming stones, smelling heavenly roses & enjoying the bright blue, sunny skies.

I am so lucky to live in Devon and walking distance to Cornwall...I live on the edge so to speak. I love living in beautiful countryside right next to a beautiful coastline...Woodlands and sea...its a perfect place to be in the summer time...


June such a heavenly month so far...

I treated myself to new book...I couldn't resist it, 'Sweet peas for Summer' by Laetitia Maklouf...
Its a wonderful book about creating a garden in a year...her personal experience and advice...lovely seasonal handbook & photographs...I am in love with her red wellies too.

My kitchen is my favorite place to be...the sun is flooding through the windows and it cheers my soul this room...and i'd washed up so it was worth taking a piccy... ;0) hehe.

Thank you kindly for your lovely messages~ always a joy to see nice comments and not just spam hehe.

Enjoy the sunshine, I am.

x   K a z z y   x