Wednesday, 18 June 2014

c o u n t r y & h o m e

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Simple pleasures~ lovely walks, paddling feeties, skimming stones, smelling heavenly roses & enjoying the bright blue, sunny skies.

I am so lucky to live in Devon and walking distance to Cornwall...I live on the edge so to speak. I love living in beautiful countryside right next to a beautiful coastline...Woodlands and sea...its a perfect place to be in the summer time...


June such a heavenly month so far...

I treated myself to new book...I couldn't resist it, 'Sweet peas for Summer' by Laetitia Maklouf...
Its a wonderful book about creating a garden in a year...her personal experience and advice...lovely seasonal handbook & photographs...I am in love with her red wellies too.

My kitchen is my favorite place to be...the sun is flooding through the windows and it cheers my soul this room...and i'd washed up so it was worth taking a piccy... ;0) hehe.

Thank you kindly for your lovely messages~ always a joy to see nice comments and not just spam hehe.

Enjoy the sunshine, I am.

x   K a z z y   x


  1. Beautiful pictures! I live in a similar area where there are woods and the coast. We spent a morning at the beach. It was perfect. Your kitchen looks beautiful. I always love seeing all the treasures on your shelves.

  2. Kezzy, wonderful pictures encapsulating an English Summer in all it's glory! Not to mention your gorgeous kitchen and THAT dresser, no wonder it's your favourite place 'to be'.
    Are they edible on your table or little soaps? Whatever they are, they look good enough to eat lol!
    I think you could do a book of the four seasons with your exquisite photographs and little words to accompany them. It would be a wonderful book to have to hand to make anyone happy just to pick it up and look at it!
    Have a lovely Summer!

    Sandie xxx

  3. GORgoeus photos Kazzy! I can almost smell those roses and that water in the beach photo is incredible! I love your kitchen, no wonder it's your favourite place in the house, especially to read your lovely new book!
    Jess x

  4. Hello, just came across your delightful blog and what a lovely montage of piccys.

  5. lovely colourful pictures, so beautiful!

  6. Oh those absolutely beautiful pictures have inspired me to go in the garden
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  7. Such beauty in a post! Always a pleasure to see your gorgeous pics and they look so inviting, especially the water ones. I've just power walked home from the school run up a very steep hill and i'm hot and exhausted. The day is mega hot already, and I need to dip my feet in the sea to cool down. Failing that, a cool shower will do the trick, but sea seems so much nicer! That look looks ace.......must go and check it out!

    Have a super day my lovely and hope the sun is shining for you too! xxxx

  8. Hello Kazzy - I'm living through everyone else's gorgeous garden pictures this year. I am however desperately growing a few bits in pots with the hope of a few beautiful blooms.

    Nina x

  9. Beautiful pictures of the roses Kazzy, you're really got a fabulous eye and talent. Loved pretending it's summer through your pictures. Just read above where Vanessa said it's so hot here, well it's not in Norfolk, blinking freezing with grey skies and so I put the fire on last night. All over IG people were saying what a lovely evening it was yesterday, ggggrrrrr.


    1. It's me BOBO BUN not Kayleigh Wade, just seen a student logged into my goggle account and I'm doing this at work, Poo.X

  10. You live in a wonderful place. I have been to England twice, but not to Devon. I love England and want to return because it is in my blood. My great grandparents generations back came from England. Two on the Mayflower and one later to hunt and fish. So I feel a kindred spirit to England. Love your photos today.

  11. Lovely pictures! I miss my trips down to Devon, even if they were stressful as the time. I miss the train journey, passing green fields (occasionally flooded, muddy fields!!), then along the coast, now repaired, along past the sea and boats and holiday-makers to journeys end, then the walk, past the Uni, a quick look in that marvellous charity shop, where I usually found something, across the road, turn right just before the park...... Thank you for beautiful Devon pictures X

  12. Beautiful photos of your charming kitchen and garden much so that I have to go back for another peek :-)
    Tracey xxx

  13. As always Kazzy, simply beautiful!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!
    AMarie xxx

  14. wow what a pretty photos love the rose ones never been to devon this summer my summer holiday go s to the cotswolds may be next year a try devon sounds like a lovely pretty book to me have a pretty day leon10

  15. What a beautiful place to live! I love the countryside, so this looks like bliss to me x

  16. Fab pictures lovely, youve really captured the month beautifully,xxx

  17. Such lovely pictures! Gorgeous kitchen too :)

  18. Hi Kazzy
    Beautiful post as ever!

    I can't find an email address for you hun...Just wondered if I could feature your gorgeous blog in my new online magazine?
    Feel free to drop me a message
    Would love to share with all my readers!

    Thanks hunny
    Tilly x