Wednesday, 25 June 2014

r a n d o m

A bit of a random posty...but wanted to share the posy of flowers and a lovely vintage Molly Brett childrens book I picked up in a charity book shop for 50p!!!!...oh' how I love the illustrations.

soooo colourful and inspiring.

Sophia made me a lovely 'sea sidey' necklace with the beads we brought from the bead merchant...
I love white beads, buttons and shells on necklaces~ perfect combination!. And the metal decorative scissors were 80p each....they are just adorable. So myself and Sophia had a fun afternoon making things.

love these flowers... Could anyone tell me what they are? i'd love to grow them in pots for my court yard space. I wondered if they were a type of Cosmos??, but i'm rubbish at identifying flowers!!!!.

x K a z z y x


  1. I love, love, love the colors of your blog!
    The wonderful pics of your shelves are always my favorites!!

  2. They look like they are an annual Chrysanthemum, you can grow them from seed but, if growing space is not available , you can buy them as plug plants, which are often more reliable than trying to grow them yourself from seed. Maybe next year, try the Sarah Raven website for plug plants or a garden centre.
    Glad you and Sophia had a great creative time together, love the shell beads too.

  3. I can't stop buying my kids books. So I just ordered a used copy of Two in a Tent. It isn't as much as discovering it 2nd hand in a shop but my kids and I will love reading it. Love your pictures as always.

  4. What a wonderful find!!! That flower looks very much like Gazania hybrida - belongs to the daisy family!!! The leaves and the flower looks exactly the same!!! Have a happy day!!!

  5. Love Molly Brett and cant remember if we've read this one. Such pretty pictures as always Kazzy.
    Sophia is taking after her mummy, beautiful necklace tell her.


  6. Oh I always get excited when I see you have posted! You always lift and inspire me with your piccies! Love that flower too. I bought some wildflower seed a couple of moths ago. a great big packet you just randomly shake anywhere and it's for bees. We have two bumble bee nests in our garden and I wanted to make them happy little humble bumbles! I have poppies and multi coloured cornflowers and marigolds just about to bloom. Happy days, that's if i don't kill them first! ha ha! I must say I have surprised my family that they have got this far!

    Have a gorgeous day my lovely xxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh my goodness I just bought one :) And 2 other Molly Brett books too :) Thank you so much for sharing, I've totally fallen in love with the beautiful illustrations, what a find.
    I hope you and sweetpea are doing well, I love the necklace she made for you!!
    Hugs for you both ♥ Vicky ♥

  8. Awwwwwwww, sweet Molly Brett creatures, I love her books a lot.
    Your photos are a delight as always Kazzy
    Jacquie x